Comparison with similar advertising blocking plug-ins and privacy protection-ins, etc

Comparison with similar advertising blocking plug-ins and privacy protection-ins, etc

The most differences are that they have not clouded, and Cloudopt has clouds that the response is more timely and agile. It also offers 7x24 hours of golden service. If you have any question during using our products, you can contact us.

Cloudopt help center:

The similar plug-ins of AD blocking have weak security features, and it is used to subscribe to rule for advertising blocking. However, Cloudopt gave up the mode of traditional blacklist, through the way of using machine learning to a website from the awareness, a net-friend evaluation, news evaluation, the court ruled, and the third-party security agencies safety appraisal to dynamic evaluation of the company, after we will give a credit score, which can effectively solve the problem that the model of traditional blacklist can not solve this problem of the website legal, but the reputation is extremely poor.

With the similar plug-in of advertising blocking, traditional extensions are intended to block adverting by subscribing to one or more of the rules in advance. These rules from server or maintainer are not reliable, and it also causes a lot of redundancy. However, Cloudopt is based on the center of cloud security your actual visiting to get the latest rules that match the site you actually visit to block malicious, intrusive, and illegal advertising and content. We think that malicious harassment advertising is also a kind of content. Therefore, the design reference for the design of cloud security anti-virus software on the early. when someone reports a poisoned the immune-mechanism, all users who use Cloudopt will be immunized if they are identified malicious or illegal content, and into cloud security center.

And of course, you can understand that Cloudopt is a superset of these extensions. Cloudopt is constantly improving and developing. If you have good ideas you can contact us at any time.

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